CG Artist

I’m a Filmmaker, Photographer & CG Artist with more than 10 years of experience.
I have worked for a lot of companies including national and international

My Specialties

Aerial Videography and Photography

I'm specialized in aerial drone videography and photography; driven by passion, quality, safety, and client satisfaction. Customized to any budget affordable without sacrificing quality.

Video Production

For many years I have worked with big companies and small clients in producing, directing, shooting & editing commercials, documentaries & short movies. If you need someone for your next project let's get in touch.


If you need some professional beautifully shoot pictures I'm specialized in Portraits, Fashion, Landscape, Kids & Product Photography.

Location Scouting & Stock Footage

If you need to find some beautiful locations or just need some custom unique stock footage from Albania. I can provide you with anything you need with an affordable budget so you don't have to travel here.

My Photography