Marsel Tefa

is a Photographer, Filmmaker and owner of Video in Motion Studio with over 10 years of production experience in advertising, marketing and entertainment.

Extensive acumen with bidding, estimating and producing TV commercials, documentaries, network promos, television programming and music videos for advertising agencies, corporations, marketing firms, design studios and TV networks. Broad creative project management experience from initial concept to final delivery.
Some of his video works have been nominated for international awards in many film festivals in various countries like Italy, Greece and USA.

Marsel has worked in campaign like aH1N1 for UNICEF with tree TV spots, anti smoke campaign for ISHP (Institute of Public Health) with two TV & radio spots and a documentary, Kaspersky AL AD campaign etc.

He has worked with different international companies in producing TV spots, reality shows & documentaries for Aljazeera and other Gulf Countries TV Networks. Also he has worked in short indi movies & documentaries.